Reviews About Our Property Inspections for the Napa, CA Area

He finished the report in only two days and did a great job. 
Thank you very much! -Darin D. 2/2/17

Dean did an excellent job inspecting an office building for me.
He was very thorough and identified even hidden potential problems that could be serious so I can investigate further. He explained everything in plain language but was able to add technical details when asked. He was responsive, fast, and reasonably priced. I highly recommend this firm. 
- Jim B. 1/11/17

Napa Valley Home Inspections Saved the Day for Us
All prospective home purchasers in the Napa area will be well rewarded with the highest home inspection professional services of Mr. Dean Alm of Napa Valley Home Inspections. WWW.NapaValleyHomeInspec…, president Dean Alm 707-260-5524. Mr. Alm was referred to us by Coldwell Banker Realtors in Napa Valley to inspect a potential new home to purchase in Napa we were considering. The home was in the $2m to $3m range. It was presented by the seller's realtor as almost new construction, in excellent condition, and a recent (8 month old) pest report's recommendations were 100% taken care of. We wanted to verify and check that report out, and review all other systems and appliances, roof, retaining walls, foundation, etc. of the property. Dean was very professional, thoroughly reviewed the prior pest report and check all finding listed. We were there with him and he clearly explained what and why he was doing on every step of his investigation. Needless to say, he discovered that none of the prior pest report recommendations/fixes were made. He noted a number of other problem areas, provide both text and pictures to document his findings and did this all within 3 days. He subsequently got a mold inspection and roofer inspection scheduled, and even found a high-end construction firm (with no financial relationship to him, as he proudly stated, thus his services are unbiased to any repairs) to make an estimate of the costs to repair all damages. He communicates by phone, text and email regularly and thus has keep us daily informed of his next steps. He is excellent!
- Mike G. 1/4/17

Dean Alm is the best inspector money can buy. 
He is thorough, concise and willing to take the extra steps necessary to give you a clear understanding of the home you are purchasing or already own. - Romain C. on Sept 8, 2016

Friendly, patient and thorough home inspection.
Walked me through the inspection and was amazed at his level of expertise and ability to explain and everything he was inspecting and looking for. Pointed out everything no matter how minor to make sure I was well informed. My 6 year old was with me and Dean even helped make him feel involved in the process by letting him measure the air coming out of the vents which totally made my son excited to be able to help. Great to feel so involved and informed when making such a big investment. Hiring him was well worth the piece of mind that I now have about buying a new house. Highly recommended to any potential home buyer - Kyle D. on Aug. 5, 2016

Great Service, Great Report!
Dean was prompt, great to work with, very knowledgeable and provided a comprehensive report.
- Dan Schwass on Mar 08, 2016

Great Service
I had my home inspection done - and it was very very thorough and professional . I would recommend Dean to all my friends as well.
- Ravi Vangala on Aug 09, 2015

Fast and efficient
Excellent service, very responsive
- Kaye Donnelly on Jul 13, 2015

Home Inspection Services At Its Very Best!!!
Dean is an outstanding professional in his field!!! He was a pleasure to work with. VERY thorough, looked at every inch of the house inside and out, addressed every concern I had and produced a beautiful, full color, prioritized inspection report SUPER fast. He found stuff that I feel like many inspectors wouldn't have found. Like many reviewers, I found NVHI on Yelp and I'm so glad I did. It was indispensable as we discussed safety improvements and future plans. I recommend Dean & NVHI to anyone who needs a Home inspection.
- Dino Dimov on Jun 03, 2015

Very satisfied
Very professional and arrived on time. Answered clients questions in detail and didn't rush through the inspection
- Joan Harrington on Feb 16, 2013

Excellent Experience
Our inspector, Dean Alm, is a knowledgeable professional who thoroughly evaluated the home, answered our questions, and produced an excellent report with clear descriptions and photographs. We would recommend Mr. Alm's work and would use him in the future.
- M. Margulies on Feb 15, 2013
Communication is excellent
With any inspection service communication is a key factor for success. This company always provides excellent communication. They let you know when the inspection is scheduled and when the report will be done. If changes occure they let you know ASAP. We higly recommend them!
- John Bohannon on Dec 21, 2012
Excellent choice for an inspector
I have experience with buying homes and have use many inspectors. Dean is not only professional, but he is extremely detailed and accurate. He inspected two homes for me and I decided to pass on one purchase solely on the results of his inspection. When my second offer was accepted, I didn't hesitate; I called Dean. I knew exactly what I was buying after reviewing his report. I will use him again when I make another home purchase.
- Kenny Schwing on Oct 30, 2012
Excellent Job!
Dean recently did a home inspection for my home to be in St Helena. He was extremely thorough and professional. He even insisted I be there so that he could explain each detail and he was honest about what needed to be fixed right away versus what could wait. I would certainly use him again and would recommend him to anyone!
- Nicola Siso on Oct 29, 2012

Excellent and very thorough
Dean was very friendly, easy to talk to and professional. He took a lot of time, many photos and included explanations of things which needed fixing. He included a lot of information so that I felt very secure knowing that he had indeed gone over every square inch of the house and knew what he was talking about. Not someone out to make a quick buck but someone who genuinely had the buyer's best interest at heart. Thank you Dean!
 - Freya Grayden on Aug 27, 2012

Excellent Service!
Dean was a great welcome to Napa. He was completely accommodating with our lightening fast closing schedule, and went above and beyond in making sure that we were comfortable with his findings. He was extremely thorough and saved us from buying a home missing important permits. We were eventually able to get the permit issue resolved and are enjoying our new home with great peace of mind.
- Margie E on Aug 20, 2012

home inspection
I called Napa valley home inspections they were very courteous and helpful. I was purchasing an occupied investment home and they were able to work around the needs of the tenant and get every thing don in a short amount of time for a reasonable cost and instead of getting a roof and pest inspection separate he bundled them all together for me. I would highly recommend Dean with Napa valley inspection
 - Ken Mcninch on Aug 13, 2012

The home inspection was very through and was explained to me in terms that I could easily understand.
This is my first time going through the home buying process, and I don't know a lot about construction. However, Dean walked me through all of the points that he found on the house and gave me tips on how to fix them. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to buy a home.
- Keaton Armstrong on Aug 12, 2012 

Great guy with great knowledge
Dean is a very personable person. At the time we met, he was very courteous and friendly. During our inspection, I followed him around and he pointed out various items of things to consider and keep an eye on but were not an issue at the time. He thoroughly explained everything and ensure we had no questions before departing. He was extremely fast in returning the written report. I will certainly be requesting more from Dean in the near future.
- Patrick Yokley on Aug 12, 2012

Outstanding service!
Dean offered excellent customer service from the first call to the minute he left the property. His inspections are very thorough and precise. He encouraged me to stay and learn about my house as he inspected. He showed and explained findings to me as we went along. He took well over 100 detailed pictures of everything he inspected. The report was delivered promptly and very detailed, clear, organized and easy to follow. His prices are comparable to the market. Lastly, I will not hesitate to refer him to anyone in need of a home inspection. Thanks again Dean!
- Unknown Customer on Apr 13, 2012

Prompt, professional, punctual and prepared
Dean has a great eye when inspecting homes. He was able to point out numerous items that needed addressing. His report was prompt, well documented and full of helpful pictures and recommendations. Would I use him again, you betcha!!!!!
- Dan on Mar 12, 2012

a nice challenge
Dean did an excellent job with his inspection of our house. We gave him a nice challenge, since the main house is only 10 years old with very few problems. The guest house, however, is over 40 years with work of varying quality through the years. His reports were accurate, to the point and accompanied by photos to document his findings. I would highly recommend him to anybody for a very good contractor's inspection.
- Charley Smith on Feb 07, 2012

Dean was great! Within 24hrs of inspection, he provided a very thorough report with pictures included.
I would highly recommend!
- Page Baermann on Nov 23, 2011

Inspections... Worth Every Dollar!
Still working with Inspector as I continue in my search for a suitable used mobile home. Dean has been objective, detailed and provided critical information on units he looked at for me. The inspections allowed me to avoid making a purchase that would have cost me alot of money in repairs in the fairly immediate future. Invaluable service during these difficult financial times, where every dollar matters and what your eye doesn't catch, the Inspector's eye will. Thank you. Patricia McMahon
- Patsy on Nov 23, 2011

Excellent Service!!
Highly recommendable, Dean is awesome! Was very clear and detail-oriented in his report which he expedited and delivered within my time limits! With very reasonable pricing, I had used his services twice this year and will definitely come back to him for my home inspection needs. His prompt and very thorough reports saved me twice from getting into a deal that I surely would have regretted to this day. So, thank you, Dean and we shall be doing business again real soon!!
- Maria Castaneda on Sep 05, 2011

Dean Alm is an excellent home inspector
We were very pleased with Dean's thorough inspection and review of our home during our home purchase. He is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything thoroughly so that we were sure to understand every aspect about the condition of our home. I would definitely hire him again.
- Thierry Gautier on Aug 19, 2011

Excellent! Used for detailed investigation of a property I own now.
We own a family/"rental" home in Napa town that had become run-down through lack of proper maintenance. I shopped on-line and made a couple on inquiries and picked NVHI. I asked that it be inspected as though I were a potential buyer and I asked for recommendations for fixes and sequencing. Beyond my expectations, for sure. Good communications, easy-to-understand report including fotos, and good bang for the buck. Very professional, I'd say.
- Leo on Aug 18, 2011

Dean is very thorough
You will not get better service or expertise from any inspector. Dean is great.
- Kris Chun on Jun 01, 2011

Muy Satisfecha
Muy satisfecha con el trabajo de Dean fue puntual ala cita de inspeccion nos explico todo con detalles y contesto todas nuestras preguntas y preocupaciones nos entrego el reporte vien detallado y al tiempo sus servicios fueron excelentes.
- Manuel Garcia Navarro on Feb 13, 2011

Quick Response - Detailed - Professional
Dean at Napa Valley Home Inspections was a great find - he responded quickly, performed a thorough inspection, and repaired a minor electrical hazard that he discovered. His report was detailed and delivered the next day. Professional 100 - he even took his shoes off to walk across our carpet. Thanks Dean!
- Brian Pardini on Jan 14, 2011

Prompt and professional expert
We needed an inspection of a condo which was foreclosed. Dean responded to our request for a weekend inspection. He was early for the appointment, educated us on what he was looking at, and gave us a full written report within one working day. Because we did not have access to the garage, he returned a couple of days later and added the inspection of the garage with no extra fee.
- Lynda Boyer on Jan 12, 2011

A complete and professional inspection.
Dean Alm of Napa Valley Home Inspections completed a home inspection for me on short notice. His price is highly competitive and he provided many useful insights into the home during the inspection. He completed his report within a day or so of the inspection and was responsive by phone and e-mail. I highly recommend this business.
- Kevin Glazner on Jan 07, 2011

house inspection on piedmont
Great information and resource to start working with a new home.Helpful and good explanation to understanding report.Great details and pictures in report to visualize areas of concern.Great value would recommend services to future homebuyers.Thanks
- Celinda on Nov 15, 2010

Dean Alm is the utmost professional and a pleasure to work with.
Dean responded to my on-line inquiry within 10 minutes and readily accommodated my schedule and timeline. He performed an extremely thorough inspection and within two days produced a report that was detailed yet easy to understand and included a comprehensive collection of quality photos. The report was delivered electronically with a feature that permitted me to enlarge and enhance each photo. Best of all, after he finished the inspection he conducted me on a complete tour of the property, pointed out every item that was going in his report, and took the time to explain anything I didn't understand. I would definitely recommend Dean's services to friends and co-workers.
- Cheri Huber on Nov 11, 2010

Dean Alm did a great job!
We are very happy with Dean Alm's home inspection. He was very knowledgeable, thorough with his inspection and he took the time to explain every aspect of his findings to us. His report was well prepared and he emailed it to us promptly. We would definitely recommend him to other home buyers.
- Thierry Gautier on Aug 07, 2010

Hire a Certified Home Inspector
I been a Realtor for the past 8 years, and I always recommend buyers to have a Certified Home Inspector. It is very important for them to know the condition of the home they want to buy. The most important thing for choosing a Home Inspector is to find someone with the experience and be professional. This will give the Buyer a clear view of what they will be buying. For that, I always have Napa Valley Home Inspections in my phone list. Plus, they are very knowledge in "How to save Energy in the Home",which is very important to today's buyers. I highly recommend them.
- Edward on Aug 03, 2010

Very Satisfied
To anyone looking for a Professional , Thorough Home Inspection, Dean Alm is the man. He was communicative, honest and clear about what needed to be addressed. I would Highly reccommend him to friends and family..
- Steve Bartkus on Jun 17, 2010

They helped me out in a pinch!
Napa Valley Home Inspections really did a great job. I am very happy. I called on Thursday and they did the inspection over a holiday weekend. They really went out of their way in order to help me out. Because they went the extra mile I would not hesitate to use them again. I am very happy with their service. Debra Sherman, Broker Sherman Realty
- Deborah Sherman on Jun 01, 2010

an excellent and thorough inspection
He took the time to talk me through all the points again after I arrived late from work which was appreciated. The reports were detailed with plenty of photographic evidence. He even gave us advice on some of the things in the house that been hooked up wrong. I would thoroughly recommend!
 - Will on Apr 16, 2010

The most complete, best documented home review I have ever seen.
Dean of Napa Valley Home Inspections provided us with a very-well written and very-well documented home inspection report. He not only went over every item with us but also discussed possible methods of correcting the situations revealed by his inspection. He was fast, knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of the job. We would recommend him very highly to any and all who want a quality job for a reasonable price.
- John Simcoe on Feb 26, 2010

Very thorough and knowledgeable home inspector.
I shopped around when we were looking for a home inspector but decided to use Dean with Napa Valley Home Inspections based on my discussion with him. He was confident and knowledgeable about the house. My experience with Dean was good in terms of the feedback he gave us and his report, which was very informative. Dean spent about 2-1/2 hours inspecting the home and, after the inspection, he followed up with a couple of phone calls as well. When I called him with questions, I appreciated that he picked up the phone immediately and always got back to me with answers right away. His quick response made me feel that I could rely on him. M. Rodriguez
- M. Rodriguez on Feb 01, 2010

Excellent service and a thorough inspection!
Dean did an excellent job for my client. He did a very thorough inspection and spent a lot of time with my client reviewing his findings. Report was nicely done. Very customer-service oriented and great follow through. I highly recommend Napa Valley Home Inspections.
- Ingrid on Feb 01, 2010

NVHI was Super with the clients... gave a very positive, highly professional impression. Great in explaining the inspection process and results to the client... in easy to understand terms... no obscure references or language.. And the service did not end with the completion of the inspection/report.. there was helpful follow-up support as well. Will definitely be my top recommendation to current and future clients.
- Charley on Jan 26, 2010
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