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What Our Customers Say

If you’ve ever bought or sold a home, you know how important it is to have all the right information available to negotiate a fair transaction. Home inspection reports are critical to getting the information you need to budget for the essential repairs. Buyers have a right and responsibility to know what the house will really cost them today and in the near future. Sellers on the other hand may want to consider what work could be done to maximize their selling price.

There are over 400 items outlined in the national “ASHI” guidelines that encompass what should be in a complete Home Inspection. The information provided in a thorough report can add or subtract thousands of dollars of value in any real estate transaction.

We have been providing the S.F. North Bay Area with detailed home inspection services since 2008. We take pride in being thorough on every property inspection report we produce. You really should know the house, before it’s your home.

When you hire Napa Valley Home Inspections, it becomes our task to make sure you have the information required to make an intelligent decision. When we’re finished the site inspection we prepare a detailed report supported with color photos and clear comments regarding the property.

Know the house before it’s your home: Request an inspection today!

Know the house before it’s your home: Request an inspection today.

Commercial Building & Home Inspectors serving Napa, Sonoma, Marin and the greater S.F. North Bay.

Our program has been designed to assure you a thorough; easy to understand overview of the conditions of the house you are about to purchase (or are planning to sell). Buying or selling a home is not something you do every day, so we provide the detailed information you will need for planning how to make a house: your next home.


  • “ASHI” guidelines outline the inspection of over 400 items. Detailed photos are essential. 
  • We provide a summary review to you before we leave the site whenever possible.  
  • We point out major and minor deficiencies to give you the complete picture. 
  • We identify any major expenditures coming up, so you can budget these potential expenses. 
  • We identify any potential safety hazards present at the time of sale that could form potential legal liabilities later on. 
  • We show you how various mechanical systems work, buildings are a series of systems tied together; changing one system or aspect of a home can have effects on the various others. 

What does a property inspection cover?

  • External conditions & surfaces 
  • Roof, attic, insulation & ventilation  
  • Plumbing & electrical systems  
  • All major appliances  
  • Heating & cooling systems  
  • Foundations, concrete slabs, walkways, stairs & floors  
  • Walls & ceilings  
  • Garage, firewalls & driveways  
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